The upper Soča valley is one of  the most beautiful places in Europe. With the sea being only 50 km away and with the Soča Valley protected by mountains in the north, (Triglav National Park), the climate and the configuation of the terrain creates an excellent flying conditions for everyone.

In Kobarid municipality the Adrenalin paragliding club mantein the take-off points and landing sites. On all take-off points and landing places are information boards with basic informations.

For using our sites is necessary to have a passes (ticket).
Price list::
Day ticket: 4 eur
3-days ticket: 11 eur
10-days ticket: 20 eur
Season ticket: 35 eur
Selling points are: club Adrenalin (Drežnica 30, 5222 Kobarid), TIC Kobarid, Jazbec Idrsko, Bar Teja Kobarid, FlyZone Čiginj, camp Gabrje, Kobala center Tolmin. All tickets are valid also for take off places in Tolmin (Kobala and Vrše)
According to a municipal ordinance permits are controlled in the season from 15 April to 31 October!

In main season shuttle service to take off is possible. It is recommend that you call to get a free place in a shuttle (+38641953370). Meeting point is opposite the landing area Kobarid in front of a bar Teja, usually at 10.00 am. Before going to take off check the weather situation and the current situation in the nearby mountains. In Soča valley are several automatic weather stations that tell us the speed and wind direction and temperature. Users use all take-off points and landing sites on their own risk.

You are visiting us from all over the world because of beautyfull nature and perfect flying conditions. For all of us is enough place and opportunitys, specially if we respect each other and we consider the rules below.
– For using landing place it is necessary to have valid ticket!
– For your own safety, make sure you read instructions for the use of take-off and the municipal ordinance on the transport regime, before flying.
– Fly safe only under favourable conditions! Max. allowed altitude is 2900m ASL.
– For taking off and landing please use only official, marked places.
– Organized flying outside registered take off places is not allowed! *
– Respect the nature, animals, plants, birds…
– It is forbidden to drive or park on the grassland!
– Take all litter with you!
– Any breach of regulations is liable to a fine in accordance with the Municipal Order.
*Organized flying: paragliding competitions, event organization, groups (5 or more pilots) and schooling.
Please, for landing and packing gliders use only area shown on the photos.
Thank you for your help and cooperation.

When flying cross country note the restrictions and rules of airspace (flight is permitted only in uncontrolled airspace Class G (Aeronautical Information SR – AIP), under the general rules of the daily visual flight and in accordance with the provisions of Article 19. of  Slovenian PG and HG Regulation.
In case of organized flying of groups, competitions, schooling or event organization a head of flight must be determined. Head of Flight is a person who holds a valid pilot’s license.
Head of flight leads flying and ensures the safety and coordination of air traffic in accordance with provisions of Articles 22 of Slovenian PG and HG regulation.. Organized flying on unregistered sites is prohibited! Please, use this form for organised flying notification.
Instructions in case of paragliding accident:
– In case of emergancy call 112 and give description:
– Location of accident (GPS coordinates and altitude)
– Conditions of a injured person (probable injuries)
– Communication with a injured person (radio/GSM)
– Colour of the canopy of paraglider and time of accident.
Every emergency, even if no help is needed should be reported to 112 – to avoid unnecessary rescue operation. Rescue team often informs pilots about the arrival of a rescue helicopter on frequency 147.800 MHz. Respect the notices and retreat from the area of rescue in time!

Instructors and group leaders must monitor the situation and notices at the official freeflying frequency!